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Indiana Linux Festival 26 & 27 July 2013

This years event was held in the Wyndam West Hotel in Indianapolis in on the 26th and 27th of July 2013 . I arrived at the hotel on the morning of the first days events. I met with the event Coordinators Michael Schultheiss and Matthew Williams. Fedora was the first sponsor to arrive and I got to pick the spot where I wanted. So, I got the best spot in the area. I set up the booth in the place where you could see us from the registration table and when you walked into the vendor isle Fedora was right in front of you. The first day was scheduled talks at more of a corporate level administrators and a very nice talk given by Terry Bowling (RED HAT Indianapolis) on tailor fitting Fedora and performance tuning. Attendance the first day was approximately 50 and spent most of the day in the talks given by Terry. What a phenomenal person, he did not get a break all day. I discussed with him on how well the response was from his talk and how everyone who visited the Fedora booth was eager to get started and picked up the free media. The first day there were only three booths set up initially, a forth was set up mid day. The first day booths consisted of Fedora, RedHat, Digital data Recovery and Forensics certification Company and Expedient to get things rolling. Although it was not busy, I had plenty of time to produce our latest release F19 in preparation for the following day.

I got started bright and early on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. to get things rolling. I continued to produce various F19 media for distribution later that day. The first events were scheduled for 9 a.m. and the first customers of the day showed up at 8 a.m. There was a vested interest for Fedora, with many of the questions about the difference between Fedora and other open source distributions. I was quite please to point out the various desktop environments offered by Fedora. The response was quite overwhelming for most customers that were not aware of what we did. There also was a vested interest in the other various spins we offer. I started taking names and requests for various spins customers wanted. I produced specific media and USB iso’s as requested. The attendance was slow to start but progressed as the day progressed. The showing was approximately 200 through out the day. Free BSD, the Central Indiana Linux local users group, and a representative from the Ohio Linux Fest showed to promote their products and events with a total number of booths now at 7. The Fedora Booth was by far the most popular and most prepared for this event. Through out the day i did meet some interesting people, mostly users but a few stuck out, I had a few that were interested in taking enough media for their entire students in their class. I was quite happy to provide. Almost every person that stopped at the booth took both a F18 and a F19 media that I produced.

Many of the users that stopped by were pleased with the current version of Fedora they were using and were not aware of the improved functions in the later releases. As I stated earlier most of the users were not aware of the various desktop environments available with Fedora. I was prepared to show various environments and where to down load them. There also was a vested interest in the security spin from a few individuals. After showing the full program listing from the download site, they were sold and requested media. I was more than pleased to provide. When the day was done, I was down to a few pieces of media and a little bit of swag. Again I would like to state the Fedora was by far the most visited and prepared booth of ILF.

Talks were productive and interesting. Terry Bowling was by far the most interesting and attended. My talk to my surprise had one third of the attendees for the afternoon. I feel good that out of the five talks going on during that time I had one third in mine alone.

After the day ended I decided to talk to the coordinators on how they thought things went and any feedback they wanted from the vendors. There were some pros and cons to the discussion. At the beginning there were some scheduling conflicts with the hotel which resulted in the shift from April to July. From the discussion I realized they always try to offset Ohio Linux Fest by six months, but the Hotel was not available in April this year so that started a chain of events that resulted in a July schedule. Many of the vendors did state they were planning to the Ohio event and did not plan on attending ILF until last minute. The coordinators were quite aware of the website short falls that I talked with them previously. They did assure me that the next years event will be planned earlier and were very pleased that Fedora was present. They also were quite surprised that I came prepared to meet the needs of the event and that I promoted Fedora with such enthusiasm. I thanked them for their comments and told them that I will look forward to attending next years event.

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Indiana Linux Festival

Getting ready to go to ILF

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Southeast Linux Festival 2013


Please note the attached is the report during the Southeast Linux Festival 2013,
the event was located in Charlotte NC at the Blake Hotel. The FEDORA Booth was manned by myself, Ben Williams, John Dulaney.

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Starting up

I am starting up to use this for the Fedora Project

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